Welcome to this website that deals with the most fundamental dilemma of man:
that we experience ourselves to be separate from the rest of life

Our experience of being separate triggers an excessive amount of fear and insecurity and makes the world seem much more dangerous and threatening than it actually is. In addition to any physical sufferings we may have, our experience of separation causes us to also experience that we have existential and psychological problems. Therefore, we seek the meaning of life, more joy, peace, harmony and togetherness with our surroundings.

Our search means we impose a lot of unnecessary torment on ourselves. We do not see that in fact we are life and that life is whole and complete exactly as it is. We do not see that the existential and psychological problems we have, arise from our experience of being separate and that this experience is mistaken.

This website, Martin Fluri’s upcoming book and his meetings and dialogues, are all a reaction to this. Fundamentally, it all expresses a disagreement with our common narrative: that there is something wrong and that we are separate from the rest of life. Instead, Martin says “no there is absolutely nothing wrong and the separation is not real”.

This answer is elaborated upon, nuanced and elucidated from different angles and perspectives. His work is exempt from spirituality, psychology, philosophy and other established frameworks of understanding. He distances himself from all kinds of approaches and understandings and instead he encourages people to think and see for themselves.

One of his main points is that we humans do not need the help and guidance of others to find peace with ourselves and life as such. On the contrary, he points out that the belief that we need help stands in the way of discovering the peace and inseparableness that is already here.

In his undogmatic and direct manner, Martin argues that we are capable of being fully self-contained. There is nothing we need to learn in order to do this. When we see this, the indivisible nature and completeness of life will begin to emerge and it will become clear that in reality we are not missing anything.

The thinking-ability creates the separation
The reason that we have an experience of being separate from life is that the thinking-ability defines our understanding of life. And the thinking-ability experiences life as being divided into separate entities. It is all it can do and the function it is created to carry out.

The thinking-ability is an important function for the development of life. The problem is not the function of the thinking-ability but that we use it to understand life. It is not capable of this.

At some point during human evolution the thinking-ability gained control over our actions and at the same time we also started to experience life through this ability. Therefore we experience ourselves to be separate from life.

The thinking-ability’s control was initially a help to us. It has probably enabled us to survive as a species and strongly contributed towards us humans today being so numerous and dominating.

Now the thinking-ability’s control over us has gone from being helpful to becoming a constraint. Because we use an ability that cannot understand life to experience it, our actions are in conflict with life.

Back when we were not that many people on the planet and did not have much technological knowhow the thinking-ability’s control was not that problematic. Today it has become severely problematic. The thinking-ability’s control over us is the main reason that we destroy our surroundings and each other to the extreme degree that we do today.

To change this situation it is not enough to understand that we are not separate from life. No matter how much we understand and believe that life and nature is one indivisible whole we will still experience the separation. It is our experience we act on – not our understanding or belief. As long as the thinking-ability is in control of us we will continue to act from a false and conflictive experience of life.

The only thing that can solve this situation is that the thinking-ability’s control over us stops. There is nothing we can do to make this happen. On the contrary, all that we do will contribute towards the experience of separation continuing. The thinking-ability’s control can stop but it is not something we can make happen.

Martin’s insistence that there is nothing we can do to bring our experience of separation to an end may sound apathetic and bleak, but is in fact the exact opposite. If this really sinks in, it sets us free to live life fully and completely now, without feeling inhibited or constrained by the belief that it ought to be different. What can be more positive and liberating than that?