New book/audiobook by Martin Fluri

The Anti Teachings

Date for the publication of the English book will be announced soon.

The Danish version of the book with the title ‘I tankens vold’ published October 16. 2020.

Without relying on philosophical or spiritual terminology, Martin Fluri presents what it means to live free from the experience of being separate from the rest of life. Life is one coherent whole from which we cannot separate ourselves. It is full and complete just as it is in this very moment.

With a rare degree of independence and no regard for convention, he gives a personal account of what life looks like when our experience of being separate stops. His uncompromising statements leaves the reader without a frame of reference or understanding. He speaks straight out of the bag and does not hold back from criticizing the approaches and understandings he finds useless and misleading – which is more or less all of them.

The book is a breath of fresh air that brings new life and liberating perspectives. It leaves you with nothing to do and nothing to achieve. Which, according to Martin Fluri, is a most positive message as it frees you to live directly and without limitations here and now.

Some of the book’s key points:

  • We do not need help to understand life but are fully capable of relying on ourselves.
  • Belief in others’ ideas of what life is about and who we are can only mislead and confuse.
  • You are a unique individual with your own path and expression.
  • The thinking-ability cannot be used to understand what is alive. That will forever remain incomprehensible.
  • Being free from the experience of separation manifests purely physically. It does not bring about any spiritual or psychological achievements.