“That which is alive we can never know
 because it is that which is emerging
 when the knower has disappeared”

“Life is undefinable and inexplicable
 and cannot be grasped or understood by the thinking-ability. 
It is forever incomprehensible, a perpetual source of wonder. Yet it seems
 as if it can recognize itself without being able to understand
 or define itself.
 Just recognize,
 become aware of itself as something eternally 
incomprehensible and wondrous”

“The thinking-ability defines life with ideas and concepts that come from the past.
 It is dead and has nothing to do with what is real and alive”

“Society has filled us with a myriad of cultural codings, 
which we take for granted and believe can define reality.
 It’s the belief in these codings, which cannot say anything about reality,
 that stands in the way of us becoming our own unique expression”

“Death is a definition that was generated by the ‘I’ when the thinking-ability gained control over human beings.
 It is the I that disappears when what we call death occurs.
 But the body does not die, it just decomposes, and all its constituents is used in new forms of life.
 Nothing disappears, and nothing dies – beyond the fictitious identity and reality of the I“

“The very problem of humanity is that we think we need something from the outside,
 so that we can become ourselves, so that we may become real and fully alive.
 The idea that something is missing makes us live in a dead reality where we are not really in contact with life.
 Only when we give up that whole idea we become ourselves and recognize, 
that there has never ever been somewhere else to reach”

“Who we are has nothing to do with spiritual explanatory models,
 and no practices can help us become ourselves”

“The thinking-ability is not in touch with what is alive, what is actually in existence.
 If we recognize that the world of the thinking-ability is fictional and impotent,
 we will also have to recognize that the same goes for our own identity”